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Am I properly investing? Should I be focusing on debt or saving? Am I taking advantage of all the tax deductions I’m entitled too?

These are all great questions! I can help.

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Hi!! I'm Meghan Chomut and I am THE financial consultant for families that have (or want to have) an income property as a part of their investment portfolio.

You are in the right place if:

  • you’ve been talking about getting a rental property (+ watching too much HGTV) but just haven’t gotten started yet

  • tax season is like groundhog day. Every year you promise yourself you are going to keep on top of things and be more organized

  • you just want to get ahead and take the stress out of your finances

  • you bought the property to fund INSERT GOAL HERE (your retirement, your winter getaways, extra income, etc) but consider selling it because you aren’t sure it makes sense

Ready to get ahead + worry less about $$?

Let’s dig in.