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Having a plan and the right mindset are 2 of the key ingredients to really gain traction for 2019.

I want to invite you to work with me for your first 90-days of the year.

This program STARTS JANUARY 2019 + is a mix of 6 workshops + 3 one-on-one sessions. This format will allow us to cover a lot of topics that are important to YOU.

The workshops will be a perfect space to get the tools and information you need. The environment will be a place to learn, support + cheer each other on.


  • setting goals

  • budgeting

  • saving plans

  • investments

  • income properties

  • taxes

  • debt reduction

  • use of credit


What’s included:


➡️6 workshops (two a month)

➡️3 one-on-one consults (one a month, or as needed)

➡️Additional resources + tools

The investment:


➡️One time payment of: $395


➡️pay $89 now and have 2 monthly payments of $135

And the 3 one-on-one sessions will be your opportunity to get the clarity to how to USE the tools and customize the information to apply them to your financial goals in 2019.

It’s about making 2019 the year you get to the other side of doubt, uncertainty + stress.

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Am I properly investing?

I’m kind of saving, but how much? Into what type of savings account?

Should I be focusing on debt or saving?

I’ve been trying to pay off debt and it never seems to go away.

You want to balance it all. Make good financial decisions but still enjoy life + have fun #YOLO. The best way to get ahead and feel confident about your choices, is to plan it out.

Let’s go more in-depth and expand on what you’ve already created. Not only with the support to stick to the financial roadmap, but also to provide more the guidance and custom advice for you + your family.

I’m here to help and would love to work with you