Having an income property is so smart + exciting!

Until the bathtub leaks in the basement, your tenant gives their 60 days notice and you start doubting that this income property is worth the trouble or making you any "income".

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 But it doesn't have to be that way

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I'm Meghan, I'm a CFP + rental property owner. I help rental property owners properly setup their $$$ (from their investments, debt + taxes) so that they are on track to meet their goals + don't pay more tax than they should.

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Whether you want to go on a trip without dipping into your line of credit, stop having the "should we sell the rental" conversations or go grocery shopping without checking your bank account first - I can help.

I created this "Mini-Financial Plan" to help families organize their finances from their savings to their debt so that they have peace of mind that they are making the right choices with their hard earned money!

  • INVESTMENTS: an ideal savings amount (and into what type of account)

  • DEBT: a clear step-by-step debt repayment plan (to get you closer to financial freedom)

  • TAXES: a straightforward tax strategy (so you aren't paying more than you should)


Together we will design your custom financial blueprint. At the end of our time together you will have an easy to follow plan for your finances.

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  1. INTRO + OUR ONLINE HEADQUARTERS: As soon as you sign up you will receive a short questionnaire from me. Once I get those back you will receive your password to your 'client portal'. This will be our HQ. This is one-central place where we will share information and collaborate to build your custom plan

  2. CHAT + TOUR: After I receive the completed questionnaire from you, I will be in touch to schedule a 30-min call. This will be a great time to ask other some questions AND I will give you a tour of our HQ, how to use it and what information to upload there

  3. YOUR BLUEPRINT: Once we've collected all the info I will start building your custom financial blueprint. As I am working on the plan if there are any additional resources that I think would benefit you + your specific situation I will upload into our HQ

  4. PRESENT + QUESTIONS: It's a wrap! When your plan is ready I will upload the file to our HQ + send you a note to go check it out. There will be a link there to schedule a call. On the call I'll go over the plan with you and talk about any tips + tricks for you to try + you can ask me any questions

Imagine knowing that every month you are moving closer and closer to your goals. When we work together you will get the systems and strategies to get your family to financial freedom sooner + with less headache.

Total investment: $397+tax

(PS this service is a tax deductible expense... see I'm already finding you ways to save money )

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Ask all the questions (even some you didn't know you had). Let's have a conversation about your specific situation.

This is $97+tax for a 1 hour consult.

If after our consult you feel like you would benefit from the above mentioned plan, you can apply this payment to the cost of the investment plan.