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If you are joining the WalletWin Course Crew with my exclusive link you are invited to my private MASTERCLASS in SEPTEMBER. In the live session I'll show you:

✅How to find a good investment property

✅If you have a rental already, how to organize the receipt + tax nightmare

✅Lemme show you the numbers for smart investing: 

1.) my 2 rules of thumbs

2.) how to analyze the numbers

Although I’ll have a complete presentation ready to show you…

if there’s ANYTHING you’d like me to cover, or you’d like to ask PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!


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I had the pleasure of chatting with Amanda and hearing about her journey of paying off $25,000 in debt with an income of $35,000 in 7.5 months!!!!


⬇️Watch our conversation here ⬇️


In the WalletWin Workshop, they helped you discover:

✅How to stop treading water and save $1,000 FAST

✅Ways to use your brain to your advantage as you leave debt in the rearview mirror

✅How to unlock the full power of your income

✅Easy tactics to implement to gain near-instant financial momentum

✅The fastest way to go from stressed out and broke to at peace and wealthy

✅The exact step-by-step blueprint they’ve personally used to get out of debt, build wealth, and grow in generosity

Now it’s time to put rubber to the road!!