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Need your taxes done? It can be easy + painless. I promise.

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If these are the types of documents you are collecting for your 2017 taxes, I can help:

  • T4 - employment income
  • RSP deductions
  • Child Care Costs
  • EI Income
  • Rental Income
  • Union Dues

  • Tuition Fees
  • Student Loan Interest
  • Charitable Donations
  • T4RSPs - withdrawals from RSP
  • Tips + Gratuities
  • T4RIF/LIF - pension income

  • Pension Income
  • UCCB / CCB - income from Gov't for Kids
  • Home Buyer Plan Repayments / Withdrawals
  • WSIB Income
  • T5s - interest income
  • T3s - dividend income

If you are self-employed, are a US-person, have a trust or corporate income CLICK HERE for a list of my favourite CPAs.

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#1. Sign up to get started

#2. You will receive a detailed checklist + start uploading your documents

#3. I'll start processing your return

#4. I will get in touch with you to quickly go over the results and double check that we've covered everything. 

#5. Done!

easy peasy + right from the comfort of your couch

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Single Return: $80

Couples Return: $120

Rental Property: $50

*plus HST

For the first 10 people that sign up they will also receive a both "Personal Finance Kit" + "Rental Property Bookkeeping Made Easy". 


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