Spend without Guilt + Save with Confidence

Savings isn't something that comes naturally to everyone. Here;s 3 tips you can try RIGHT NOW to help with beefing up your emergency fund, saving for something special, building up a downpayment, or planning for something longterm like retirement.

Cut the Paperwork Clutter

Checklist for your investment property of paperwork you should keep + what is clutter and you can toss!

Debt Freedom

Stop feeling insecure about your financial future and start spending your money on things that light you up (like travelling, new car, social events, investment opportunities, family fun, etc.)

Income Tax Prep Checklist

Get organized before you get started. The best way to do your taxes is in one sitting. Gather everything you need and then just gett’r done

Never Miss a Tax Deduction

It feels so good to get all your investment property stuff systematized. By having a worksheet to follow you are better able to track your expenses, + will make tax time less of a mad shuffle.



CPAs: Lisa Zamparo / Chris Logan / Shannon Brunning / Dominique Chenard

Listing your rental:

Business Management:



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