Cash Envelope System Kit

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Cash Envelope System Kit

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There is nothing worst than trying to get your rental property stuff organized at the last minute. Your rental unit is a business and needs it's own business planner to keep on track, be aware of the money coming in and out, and not make the same mistakes! This printable property mangement kit is a great tool for your rental business, AirBnB or VRBO.

12 pages in the Rental Property Kit Includes:

  1. Cover sheet (with quote - perfect to print on sticker paper and stick on planner divider)
  2. Annual Bill Tracker (never forget a bill again)
  3. Maintenance Log (when did we repair that lock?! have one central place to refer to all the year's maintenance)
  4. Renovation Planner (renovations always take twice as long and cost double than you thought - make a better plan with this planner)
  5. Income Tracker (did you give Apt 3 their receipt? confirm with your income tracker)
  6. Expense Tracker (didn't we pay way less for Water last year? this Template is perfect for keeping track of expenses and comparing to last year's costs)
  7. Overview Template (is all this work worth it?! check your bottom line monthly)
  8. Username/Password Sheet (tired of resetting your password every time you need to pay your account - keep them all in this central page)
  9. Contact Page (as you build your business making relationships with the right people is key)
  10. Unit Showing Schedule (the worst part of being a landlord is filling vacate properties - keep organized and book your showings with this template)
  11. Tenant Interview Checklist (thought of a good tenant question and write it down here so when the time comes you'll be prepared)
  12. Notes Page (because telling yourself you don't need to write this down - you'll remember... is just silly)

With this easy to use printable planner you can track your money from month to month AND year over year. Catch bumps in the budget before making business decisions.

Get Started!

You to try the cash envelope system (...again) but need some steps + tools

This workshop will go over:

  1. how to get started (even if you feel like you're starting in the negative)
  2. what to do next
  3. how to keep on track
  4. what to do if you hit a bump in the road
  5. tips + tricks to make smart choices

The printables you will receive:

  1. monthly budget template
  2. bill tracker
  3. cash envelope printables
  4. debt repayment guide