i L.O.V.E to chat about:

  • How having a rental property in your portfolio makes you different (Tax Strategies, Savings Plans, Debt Repayment Technique, YOUR TIME)

  • How to manage debt + strategies to reduce it (Financial Freedom)

  • Having money for NOW (#YOLO) + LATER (aka Saving Strategies)

  • Mom'ing + $ (Budgeting, Cash Flow Strategies, Planning, #allthethings)


How to say my name:

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How to reach me:

I'm excited to hear from you!! Thanks for the interest + invite :)

Please send me an email directly to: hello@meghanchomut.com with your contact details + the relevant information about you and your business/platform. Any and all information about the interview will be great (aka how long, timeline, type of interview, how it's recorded, is there anything specifically you would like to learn from me?)

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