You’ve been trying to pay off debt and it’s never seems to go away.

You know you should be saving, but how much? Into what type of savings account?

You want to balance it all. Make good financial decisions but still enjoy life + have fun #YOLO

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I'm Meghan, I'm a Certified Financial Planner and I work with families + rental property owners get their finances organized. As an mom, financial expert + income property owner, I understand the chaos of starting a family, as well as the unique struggles + special strategies for rental property owners.

I love this stuff! From systematizing your cashflow, to properly setup your savings accounts, to creating a realistic (+ easy to follow) debt repayment plan, to reviewing your taxes to make sure you aren't paying more tax than they should.

Whether you want to go on a trip without dipping into your line of credit or go grocery shopping without checking your bank account first - I've got just what you need!

I created this "Family $ Plan" to help families (just like yours) organize their finances.

By working together we'll build a clear plan for your savings + a realistic debt repayment schedule that makes sense, doesn't leave you feeling deprived and fits your family's needs so it's easy to stick to. 

By having the tools + systems in place you'll finally have peace of mind that you are making the right choices with your hard earned money! A year from now you'll be SO glad you started TODAY!

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Imagine knowing that every month you are moving closer and closer to your goals. When we work together you will get the systems and strategies to get your family to financial freedom sooner + with less headache.

When you finally see that line of credit number hit zero, it's like a ton of bricks was just lifted off your chest.

Or when you get your savings account statement and see that you have an actual emergency fund, you feel like you're finally succeeding at this #adulting thing.

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Your Family $ Plan will provide you with the roadmap to less stressful spending, confidence that you are saving enough as well as a solid debt repayment plan to see the light to your financial freedom.

The plan will include:

  • Your Family Savings Strategy: a solid breakdown on how much you should be saving, why, and in what types of accounts

  • Your Debt Repayment Plan: a realistic overview of your debt repayment that won't leave you feeling deprived and poor. A month-by-month breakdown of your debt payments so that debt freedom isn't an ever moving carrot you are chasing

  • Your Budget Blueprint: a clear breakdown of your family cashflow. Allocating spending between categories that are required #adulting, saving for later (retirement, fun stuff, emergency) and getting that debt monkey off your back

  • Your Investment Profitability Overview: are your portfolios structured properly + your investment properties profitable?

Also includes:

  • Access to me for 3 months to ask questions, get feedback + make updates to the plan

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READY? I can't wait to work with you. I love helping families move the needle in the right direction.

To get started, click the button below to answer a few short questions. Once I get that I will reach out to you via email to schedule a quick call. You may have some questions for me, I'll probably have some questions for you... it'll just be an informal casual 15 minute introduction call.

Then we get started!! And it'll be easy + painless I promise.

I'll start collecting information from you. First I want to know about your savings (+ investment properties, if applicable). Do you have any? How are they doing?

Next will be the debt. Putting the puzzle pieces together of things like your mortgage, line of credit, student loans, etc. All the generous money the banks, friends, family members and credit union have lent you.

Then we can setup a suitable allocation of income for your family. What would be a realistic budget? But also optimizing all your savings + debt repayment allocations.

We'll work together in small, manageable steps. Every family is different but the timeline from sign up to plan is 3 weeks.

And after plan delivery I will be there for you to ask questions and consult for feedback for 3 months. Should your plan need to tweaked that's included too :) 


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Rate: $997+tax (one payment)

OR payment plan: 3 payments of $395+tax

(PS if you own rental properties this service is a tax deductible expense... see I'm already finding you ways to save money )


• I don't have an income property, is this for me?

Normally I work exclusively with rental property owners, but this year I'd love to work with families get setup so that 2019 goals don’t become 2020 goals. I know this service is just what you need to get your finances moving in the right direction.

• I have a pension plan, so I don't have to worry about retirement planning, is this for me?

Do you have an emergency fund? Are you debt free? If your answers are yes to those questions, you probably don't need this service.

• My stuff is a mess. I don't know where anything is. Can I still get a Family $ Plan?

YES!! Let's get you from hot mess to organized financial wiz. This is just what your family needs. I love helping you get organized. Work with you so that you have systems in place that suit your habits + lifestyle. Money, finances and keeping it all organized doesn't come naturally to everyone - that's what I'm here for!



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